Thursday, October 30, 2014

Art show Piece

For my art show piece (the monochorme ) I wanted to make a gif that fitted with a black and white sheme. We have seen in old TV shows a show could be life less with out color. Now granted that some shows were great at the time and the introduction of color in TV was a huge change of how we view things. So I found this character in the a way to express emotion, however we don't seem him with the right emotion. It looks like he is jumping for joy, but he is not smiling. Even in color we see him still black and white and not expressing the right emotion.  

My +1 piece is called "unity". For why he called it that way. I do not know. He did not give me a straight enough answer.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Video project

My video project was based around the idea that sometimes one person is not happy with they way the look. With how technology is advancing, I too this idea and decided to create it into a video. I used my Sony HD camcorder, a Nintendo 3DS and myself to represent the idea that it is easy to change your appearance, but are you happy with it, or just pressured into changing your looks?

Muscial Art (Scores and Instrument)

My musical instrument that I created was five shakers. The materials that I used was: beads for the sound, cardboard tubes, black duck tape and sticks. I made a total of five with different lengths to for different sounds and volume of the noise the shaker makes.

As for the musical score, I misunderstood the assignment. I thought we had to create a 3D model of a musical score for our partner. For me Katie's instrument was a giant metal washer's pan with copper bars. I want to create a simple musical score with a good intention to flow with the instrument to fit it best. This was the results:

The materials I used was a wooden long doul, white wool, Styrofoam balls and (Something)
The idea was the balls represent a loud *bang* and the wooden doul is a consent beat, while the was the wrap around with wooden doul. The middle was to represent "a web of chaos" and the performer was to go crazy about it.

My partner's musical score (Katie) for me was this: 
I interpret the score as follow:
The jagged lines represent shaking fast then keep the beat at a rate, then where the color collab is I go out of contorl and lose the shakers, then i start off clam, peace shakes, then move the pace faster, and go crazy again, red dots mean to use the little shaker, then the spiral winds down the shakers and ends the piece there.

Overall I enjoyed this project and the other musical pieces I saw.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Video Triptych

My triptych video is me driving my around in a circle from different  points views (One in the back of the truck, one on the side walk and one on a hill. I shot the videos with a canon T3 Rebel. The idea I had was in life we all go through a series of life choice and take different path, sometimes they can lead you to places, other times you go in circles and end up back where you started. I wanted to replicate that in the form of a truck as it is "you vehicle in life" (Kind of like the car in The Game of Life board game) In the middle video you see the camera shaky and going through bumps, as they represent the "bumps" in life we go through. Over all I think I capture what I wanted to go for and represent the idea I had for this project.