Thursday, April 28, 2016

Art Exhibit Review #2

Eric T Franklin
Art 381
Art Exhibit Review #2

Tomorrow’s Man” Curated by Jack Pierson
            The art exhibit I visited was called “Tomorrow’s Man” Curated by Jack Pierson. I have to say for this art exhibit I was not expecting the art pieces in this show. At first I thought the gallery was going to be futuristic and sci-fi style, but the gallery was mostly with some disturbing images (in my opinion) and some pieces I can relate to. The images I saw of the nude people in some explicit acts I felt were uncomfortable. I can look at tasteful nudity, but not what I saw. I saw a video in the show, but I could not make it out what the goal it was going for because I was confused on the message. The only two pieces I enjoyed were the 2 with messages on them, “Go where the rich hang out then you can make art.” And “Do what must be done as soon as you can.” I felt like these are true. The “do what you must” one I like because to me I felt like it is true that you have to do what you need to then and now without wasting time. If you prolong the task, it will be too late.
Overall this gallery is a mixed bag. Some pieces I liked some I disliked.

I recorded video with more thoughts on the gallery.

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