Thursday, April 28, 2016

NFL Board Game.

This project was about taking an existing board games and creating something from it and playable with a group. For this project, My partner Nick and I decided to take the broad game monopoly (Particular Monopoly Electronic with the debt card reader and higher bank numbers) and make it a satire of the NFL. The whole idea behind it was that if you are an NFL owner, you would go around buying up teams for you to make a profit off of and beat the other owners. If you land on a team, you pay the owner of that team the winning since it is their home turf. The players are old people because that's what most of the owners are old white men. Nick did a lot of research of the NFL from scandals and controversial issues (examples the Ray Rice scandal, "Concussion" gate, Deflate" gate. etc.) And those would be Chance/Coummity cards along with huge payouts to get more money. Every player starts with 15 million as that was the average amount a team costs along with stadiums and such. I will say this project was a lot of fun to make and a ton of fun to see the mechanical side in a board games and how to set it up for everyone to play.  Picture below are what the final product is like.

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