Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Everyday Struggle (Final ART 381 project. Making a game in Unity)

For the final project for ART 381 we had to make a game using the unity engine and making it relate with something that is going on with world. At first glance I had the sinking feeling of, "Oh dear god I am not gonna be able to do this. I'm a gamer, not a game developer. I do not know how to make a game. " So I wanted to keep it simple. With inspiration from Mario Maker (a video game that allows you make a level based on 2D Mario video  games) I wanted to keep the project simple and 2D. As for the concept, I decided to go back to some Psychology and a little personal to me. I got to thinking and came with struggles. More in particular everyday struggles that not only me, but other people struggle with (job, school, depression, etc.)  So I had my plan and the idea but I didn't know how to make the game. After watching tutorials on youtube how to do what and what to use. I went to work.
 The first screen shot shows that I uses sprites that I have found (originally PNG files convert to sprite myself) I found what sprites I wanted to use and adding collisions to them.
 This screen shot shows that I am adding inadvisable blocks to emphasize on the "out of no where events"
 This one is the almost finished product. The brink wall there is to represent the "hitting a brink wall " moment.

And finally the completed game. The background is all of inner thoughts, what people keep in the back of their heads when they struggle with their lives.  Also I put in the rest of sprites and each coded with restart that  if you hit certain sprites, you will restart the level. Also the help button destroys the wall. The video shows the final product.

Final thoughts. I have to say this opens my eyes and appreciate how much developers have to go through when making a game. From coding, how players will play, they have to go through so much though and details is just amazes me so much. This project while I had a difficult time, I think I did well for what I was going for when it came down to it.

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