Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Art Lecture #1

Eric T Franklin
Art 381
Art Lecture #1

Creating Immersive & Engaging Story Worlds Through Audio
    At MAGFest (Music and Gaming Festival) I attend a panel called “Creating Immersive and Engaging Story Worlds through Audio” I could not get the name of the spokesperson on the panel. She mostly talked about how the gaming world and music is changing and how when creating sounds/music and environment sounds you have to take into consideration on how to immerse the player or anybody into the world you want them to be involved with. I have to say she was very detailed with how to do so and with telling a story with only music I feel can work but it has to make sure the person listening in has the right mind set to follow through. During the panel she did talk about what music samples and examples of what she was talking about. Most of the music was all orchestral, but I felt like it worked for what she was aiming for in her pieces
Overall the panel was great and an interesting take on music.

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