Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mario Party IRL Candlelight Fright

This was a project done in my art 381 class and I have to say this was an interesting take on this cardboard cutout and papercrafting. The project was we had to take a Mario Party mini game (from any of the Mario Party games as of this blog) and make them into a real life situation that is going on in the news as of late (again at this post Donald Trump running for president, etc). For my group (Consisting of Ivy, Nick, Jordan, and myself) our mini-game was the candlelight fright game from Mario Party 4 as seen in this video

Now for the concept. With police brutalities and the black live matters in the news for a while we decided to use that concept and put it into this mini game. The one with the candlelight will represent the innocent and the "candlelight" is the life and the three shooter will be police officers. The characters we decided to use is Shy Guy (to represent the lives that were taken form the police and to represent the individual who may look like a thug but not. The officer will be Koopas as they are the "bad guys" It seemed fitting.
The crafting was interesting and challenging. We took some three-dimensional models of the characters and  took the to Maya to make sure the the models we want. (Koopa shells and a Hammer Bro helmet.) Then I took the models to a program called pepakura and unfolded them out to make on paper here. 

Once the pages are printed out, I taped them on large amount of cardboard and cut them out. 
This was hard and tedious but I got it done:

Once the shell (what I was in charge for) was all cut out, time to put it together. The numbers were supposed to overlap as seen here:

Then I painted the first coat here (blue for the color of a police officer):

After about 2 coats to make sure nothing card board was shown, this was the final results

Now for the game:We went to the front of the College of Education for out setup. We roped off a small arena. I played as the Shyguy and one other played as a Koopa while two public people play the other Koopas. The video below is an example of the what happen.

We  didn't get much people, however we did get an indivudal who was upset with our game due to having family memebers in the police force. It was an interesting event.

In conclusion, this project was a long, and difficult one, but at least now I know how to make certain items out of cardboard now.

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